Auckland water shortage: Newshub's top tips for conservation

Are you one of those clean freaks who showers morning and night? Or are you one of those incredibly annoying people who leaves the tap running while brushing their teeth? Well sort it out, Aucklanders, because your water is running low.

It turns out many places in the North Island have had their driest January to June in history.

The dams in Auckland's Waitakere Ranges have fallen to dire levels, and Aucklanders are being urged to conserve water immediately.

Now, for many of you, this might be hard - given it's winter and you crave that nice hot shower first thing in the morning and maybe even another before bed. But toughen up Auckland, it's much colder in the south and it's not that hard if you follow these simple steps.

Cut your shower times

Enough standing in the shower for 15 minutes singing poorly to Billie Eilish or whatever you're into.

Watercare head of water value Roseline Klein told The AM Show the recommended shower time is four minutes.

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Please, please turn the tap off while brushing your teeth

This one is enough to grind the gears of anyone who's passionate about saving water.

Seriously guys, turn the tap off while brushing your teeth, there's no need to have it running.

Thankfully - The AM Show host Mark Richardson says he's not one of those annoying people.

"It's dreadfully wasteful - it's just laziness."

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Ditch your top loader washing machine 

Baby boomers, it's time to ditch that incredibly out of date top loader washing machine you've been clinging onto since the '80s.

Yes, I know it's lasted this long and it's been good to you - but it's wasting water. Treat yourself to a brand new, energy efficient front loader.

Washing full loads of laundry is also recommended. You'll save water as well as energy - nailing two birds with one stone.

Auckland water shortage: Newshub's top tips for conservation
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No dishwasher? Fill your sink

If you're like me and lived in student flats for four years with no dishwasher, ensure you fill your sink to wash your dishes rather than washing them under a running tap.

Auckland water shortage: Newshub's top tips for conservation
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