Aussie Instagram influencer Mikaela Testa reveals real reason behind her tearful rant

The Australian influencer who lashed out at Instagram for its recent update has revealed the provocative reason behind her outburst.

Mikaela Testa, a Melbourne local, admitted in an interview with that she makes NZ$12,895 every month selling pornographic photos and videos.

She says Instagram is her main form of advertising.

"I run my own business; it's a subscription website where I share provocative and raunchy photos and it makes me easy money," she told the news website.

"Instagram is what I use for advertising, I've only been doing it for five months…but I've made NZ$67,000 since I started."

She says her outburst came from a place of genuine concern for what the update would do to her business.

Testa uses her 40,000 followers as revenue by funneling them towards her subscription only website. 

The 19-year-old charges NZ$29 per month for a range of pictures and videos ranging from topless to full nudity and videos showing her using sex toys.

"Technically the nature of my photos are pornographic but they are just photos, I don't physically sell my body," she told 

Testa says she suffered from the backlash her tearful rant received but is grateful for the business the notoriety bought her.

She claims she's gained 6000 new followers in 24 hours. 

"I was upset about how it might affect me but it hasn't because I've been on the news, I'm actually growing my business at the moment," she said.