Card creator says teachers are outraged by her 'offensive' gift cards

Love Layla cards
Teachers have been upset by the "offensive" gift cards. Photo credit: Love Layla Facebook.

As we come to the end of school holidays and you finally get to relinquish your children back into your teacher's care, it might be nice to show your appreciation with a card or gift.

But probably not one of these ones. 

A range of gift cards reportedly has UK teachers outraged and are being dubbed 'tasteless'. 

Some of the messages on the Love Layla range of cards include: "Thank f*** my kid doesn't have you next year", and "As my child's teacher, I completely understand why you need so many holidays".

Creator Stacey Dennis says she's been inundated with furious messages from teachers on social media who aren't impressed with the "rude" stationary they've received. 

"We've had lots of messages from teachers on social media who think that our products are insulting and rude towards them," she told The Mirror. 

But Dennis adds she isn't bothered by the negative feedback. 

"We believe they are great fun - as do the parents who have nearly cleaned us out of our stock."

Other cards in the range include: "Nursery teacher: the only job where you find yourself saying 'don't lick that'", and "Thanks for putting up with bratty, ungrateful children like my classmates!"

You can also buy bottle labels to be attached to a teacher's favourite drop, which read: "Sorry my child is the reason you drink... so have this on me."

Last October, parents on Mumsnet branded a racy Love Layla anniversary card "vile". 



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