Clarke Gayford warns of 'diplomatic incident' over a hotel pavlova

The age-old delicious debate has once again reared its messy head, this time in danger of kicking off a war between New Zealand and Australia. 

Clarke Gayford sparked outrage on Friday after Tweeting an image of a 'make your own pavlova' kit left in the hotel room during the Prime Minister's trip to Melbourne. 

"We invite you to indulge in a traditional Australian dessert, the Pavlova," the instructions read.

"This was placed in our hotel room in Melbourne," wrote Gayford. "Sense of humour or diplomatic incident?"

According to The Culture Trip, the dispute over the origins of the airy, meringue-based dessert topped with cream and fresh fruit has been one of our longest-running disputes with our closest neighbours. 

Kiwis claim a chef at a Wellington Hotel created the "billowy dessert" in honour of ballerina Anna’s Pavlova during her 1929 visit. However, Aussies insist it was invented at a Perth hotel, where it declared by a diner to be 'as light as Pavlova'. 

The debate raged in the replies to Jacinda Ardern's fiance. 

"I choose to believe A+ troll," one person wrote. 

"Throw it back at them. Underarm," joked another. 

"Looks fine to me," wrote another (presumably Australian) follower.  

But the secret behind the power move was exposed by another Aussie. 

"Yep, it’s a clever plot. We want you to declare war and invade. We quickly surrender and we get Jacinda as Prime Minister!  Everyone wins," they revealed. 



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