Couples now meeting online more than any other way - study

Remember a few years ago when telling your friends you'd met your current partner online was met with raised eyebrows and visions of

Now it's du jour for many - so much so that a new study shows that couples are meeting online more than any other way. 

The Stanford University study shows that, whether your grandma gets it or not, people are meeting through dating apps more than in bars or through mutual friends. 

"For heterosexual couples in the US, meeting online has become the most popular way couples meet,  eclipsing meeting through friends for the first time around 2013,” the study reveals. 

"Moreover, among the couples who meet online, the proportion who have met through the mediation of third persons has declined over time. We find that Internet meeting is displacing the roles that family and friends once played in  bringing couples together." 

Meeting online is skyrocketing, the results show.
Meeting online is skyrocketing, the results show. Photo credit: Stanford University.

Public response to the study shows it reveals something many already knew. 

"When you work full time and don't/can't date co-workers, online is super convenient. I wouldn't trust any member of my family to screen anyone for me," wrote one person. 

"I'm 15 years ridiculously happily married thanks to online dating."

But others pointed out the pitfalls of online dating. 

"This is sad news for us short men. 80 percent of women already go after only the top 20 percent of men on dating apps. From my experience 0 percent of women go after men under 5'5 on dating apps," wrote another.