Department store pulls portion control plates from stores after outrage

A range of 'offensive' portion control plates have been pulled from department stores in the US, after accusations of encouraging disordered eating. 

The plates, made by company 'Pourtions' are sectioned into circles, with the smallest circle labelled 'skinny jeans,' the second-smallest reading 'favourite jeans' and the largest reading 'mom [mum] jeans'. 

Another of the plates is divided into 'food coma' and 'foodie'. 

Twitter user and host of 'Ologies' podcast Alie Ward shared an image of the plates on Twitter, captioning it "How can I get these plates from Macey's banned in all 50 states?"

The plates attracted more attention after The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil, who frequently speaks on body image issues, quoted Ward's tweet and added: "F**k these plates". 

Artist Liz Climo even created her own version, captioning her own image "Fixed them". 

Macey's soon responding, agreeing that they "missed the mark", 

"We appreciate you sharing this with us," they wrote on Twitter, adding that they would be pulling the plates from stores. 

President of Pourtions Mary Cassidy told The Hill she did not intend for the plates to be considered "hurtful". 

"We feel badly if what was meant to be a lighthearted take on the important issue of portion control was hurtful to anyone," she said. 

"Everyone who has appreciated Pourtions knows that it can be tough sometimes to be as mindful and moderate in our eating and drinking as we'd like, but that a gentle reminder can make a difference. 

"That was all we ever meant to encourage."

While many celebrated the removal of the plates from stores, others felt it was unfair. 

"I can understand you not liking them. But why do you get to decide that 300 million other people don't get that choice?," wrote one follower. 

"So I'm guessing you're a 'Mom Jeans' level plate filler?" joked another.