Dr Lance O'Sullivan announces 200 mobile medical clinics in vulnerable areas

Dr Lance O'Sullivan is planning on rolling out mobile medical clinics in vulnerable areas.

The former New Zealander of the Year wants to open 200 of the privately-funded mobile clinics as he believes the current approach isn't working.

"We've got to try something different at this time for health," he told Newshub.

"If we don't people are still going to suffer from bad outcomes because they can't get to the doctor early enough and the cost to the country is just far too high."

The clinics will operate in high needs health areas and will be run by nurses and community health workers. They will have access to GPs when needed.

Rotorua will get the first clinic in September 2019 and the second is expected to open in Kaitaia in November 2019.

Dr O'Sullivan told Newshub it's about providing a flexible option.

"We'll be able to put those into any community, particularly those communities that can't get access to doctors, but it's also going to be really appealing for people that are looking for convenient care. "

He's aiming to have all 200 clinics open by 2021 and is hoping a lot of people take advantage of them.

"This is sort of my mantra looking at and imagining what healthcare could look like, so I think it's going to be a substantial number of people that go 'hey look this is far more convenient'."