How Dry July can be harmful for participants - addiction specialist

Addiction specialists have warned Dry July participants to remain extra vigilant throughout the month as quitting the booze cold turkey could be potentially harmful.

Addiction medicine specialists from The Banyans, an Australian private treatment centre, told Daily Mail that people should consult a doctor before undertaking the challenge this month. 

Partakers who are used to getting plastered should particularly consider medical guidance before attempting Dry July, says addiction specialist Dr Christian Rowan.

The body is known to develop a dependency on alcohol after being consistently exposed to high concentrations of it in the blood. To void the vodka cold turkey could have harmful consequences as the body struggles to cope with its new sobriety, says Rowan.

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can include increased anxiety and nervousness, irritability, rapid mood swings, depression and fatigue. Physically, the body can experience headaches, nausea, insomnia, sweating and a rapid heart rate.

However, these warnings are reserved for heavy drinkers.

Dry July is an annual fundraiser, encouraging participants to say bye to the booze throughout the month. In return for ditching the drunken nights, their donors raise funds for people affected by cancer.

But otherwise, enjoy the plentiful health benefits of an alcohol-free life - and continue to support a great cause.


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