H&M striking workers warned against dressing mannequins for 'health and safety' reasons

safety around mannequins
Workers have clapped back with tongue-in-cheek placement of safety barriers around the mannequins. Photo credit: First Union.

Behind the scenes at popular clothing retailer, a stoush is happening.

Workers at H&M have attempted to undertake a series of strike actions, but management is doing what it can to stop them.

According to First Union, around 55 union members voted to take a series of strike actions this week, demanding a living wage.

One of the proposed actions was for store mannequins to have an unexpected makeover on Wednesday - being dressed in union-branded items rather than outfits from H&M.

However the store has fired back. After catching wind of the idea they reportedly sent staff members an email on Tuesday calling it a "hazardous danger" for unqualified team members to handle the mannequins - a job reportedly only for trained staff.

First Union spokesperson Sarah Thompson said this was a typical example of company using health and safety as a punishment tool when clearly it was not a genuine health and safety matter - although she did acknowledge that she is not personally trained in handling mannequins.

"If the company genuinely believe mannequins are a hazard, then let's not put other staff and customers at risk.  We need to get them out of there before someone gets hurt," she says.

However activists have had the last laugh, setting up safety barriers around the in-store mannequins as a "light hearted jibe" at the company's memo.

H&M striking workers warned against dressing mannequins for 'health and safety' reasons
Photo credit: First Union.

H&M has been approached for comment.



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