Create the best bathroom designs like those seen on The Block NZ 2019

Tile Space
Sophia and Mikaere’s stunning family bathroom with tiles inspired by natural Italian Ceppo di Gre stone. Photo credit: The Block NZ on Three

You likely start and end your day in the bathroom, so you want it to be a space you really enjoy being in.

Newshub spoke to The Block 2019 NZ partner Tile Space who admitted they love all of the family bathrooms featuring in this season’s show. They told us about the latest tile trends and how you can create some of the latest looks in your own bathrooms. 

"The teams have all created bold, innovative and fresh spaces that look gorgeous and add wow factor to their apartments," Tile Space Henderson branch manager Mahsa Halajpour says. "One of the common themes is they have all embraced the natural look, choosing tiles replicating natural materials such as stone and marble, and also handmade looking tiles."

Italian influence

Ceppo di Gre is the stunning tile used by Sophia and Mikaere, and Stacy and Adam. Real Ceppo di Gre is a unique kind of pressed stone only found near Lake Iseo in Italy. "Our tiles are a porcelain copy of this rare and beautiful stone with it’s harmonious combination of grey and white pebbles, giving a stunning natural yet decorative feel to any space. It’s a major new trend we’ve seen take off in Australia which also has a great aesthetic appeal in NZ," Mahsa says.

Natural handmade look 

Amy and Stu, Stacy and Adam, Lisa and Ribz, plus Ethan and Sam have all used tiles from Tile Space’s new Artisan range. These tiles are revisiting the old-fashioned handmade look, crafted characteristics such as variation, unevenness and imperfect edges bring a relaxed, organic feel to the space.

Tile Space
Stacy and Adam’s family bathroom - they also used the Ceppo di Gre look on the floor and the white square tile is Artisan White. Photo credit: The Block NZ on Three

Feature walls

Feature walls are a great way to add some personality to the space, depending on the tile they can soften the space, add a sense of glamour or playfulness or just be a chance to include something that you love that makes your morning brighter. 

Tiles are only a small part of the total renovation budget, but arguably have the biggest visual impact on the space, so we always recommend that people go with the tile that they love, rather than compromise too much. If you have a strict budget you can pair a tile that you love in a small area (back on the feature wall bandwagon!) with a more cost effective tile in the rest of the space. 


Quality finishing

You don’t want to end up with a space you compromised on and feel like ripping out in two years, but that doesn’t mean everything has to be expensive either. The biggest tip Tile Space can give is to be prepared and give yourself time.

Tile Space
Amy and Stu’s have incorporated a natural and handmade look using Tile Space’s Artisan range. The couple’s winning family bathroom showcases how they are never afraid to do something eye-catching and different. Photo credit: The Block NZ on Three

Tile Space loves all the family bathrooms. Here’s what they like about each one:

Amy and Stu - Amy has such a great eye and is never afraid to do something different, the burgundy Artisan tile on the feature wall softens the space but the deep pinky red colour adds glamour and sophistication to the space, it works in perfectly with the marble tiles and gold tapware.

Sophia and Mikaere - They have such a sophisticated look and this bathroom was no exception. Their main tile is based on the look of Ceppo di Gre stone which is sophisticated yet really liveable tile. They choose the lightest colour available to keep the space bright. They had quite a long and narrow space they had to work with, so doing the dark feature wall on the side was a clever idea as a dark wall will recede visually and make the space seem wider.

Stacy and Adam -They are really playing on the Art Deco look with the natural Ceppo di Gre stone look on the floor and the white square Artisan tile on the wall is a great twist on using subway tiles. The Metaline feature wall is based on the look of Corten Steel (which hasn’t rusted yet) a nod to the other more industrial elements in the apartment, but the warm tones in the tile mean it works in with the floor and wall tiles. 

Tile Space
Lisa and Ribz’ feature tile is from the Metaline range Stacy and Adam used. It has a decorative brushed line finish for a really industrial edge. Photo credit: The Block NZ on Three

Lisa and Ribz - Created a modern and sophisticated space, fitting the vibe of a hip inner city apartment so well. They have used a large format 600mm x 1200mm stone-look tile which gives the illusion of a larger space due to less grout lines. Their feature tile is also from the Metaline range Stacy and Adam used, it has a decorative brushed line finish for a really industrial edge.

Ethan and Sam - Fell in love with our Sahara Noir plank which is based on the look of real Sahara Noir, a naturally black marble with copper and white veining. The real marble is soft and porous (and also crazy expensive), this is a great example of how porcelain tile can give you the best of both worlds.

Tile Space
Ethan and Sam used a tile inspired by naturally black coloured Sahara Noir marble. Photo credit: The Block NZ on Three


Top tips and advice:

  • Make sure you choose a good tiler, a tiler can make or break the look of the tiles, you can ask for a list of local tilers at your nearest Tile Space store

  • Make sure you specify grout colour and trim colour to your tiler. A good tiler should ask ahead of time but it’s always worth it to be prepared. Our stores have grout chip folders so you can make the decision while you are choosing your tiles.

  • Get in early with choosing your tiles. They have a major effect on the look of the space and your home, you want to make sure they are a feature and not an afterthought.

  • Don’t be afraid to bring in photos of looks you love. Lots of customers bring in their plans and paint and carpet swatches and also take samples away. It really helps to look at the tile in the space and in the light at home before you make your final decision. Tile Space’s website is a great place for inspiration, tips and advice. 

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