Kate Sylvester talks Fashion Week faves, fears and the problem with fast fashion

We're fast approaching the most fashionable week of the year, where the country's finest designers jostle for catwalk space with some of the best up-and-comers on the scene. 

New Zealand Fashion Week stalwart Kate Sylvester compares the lead up to the opening night of a play, and says even with years under her belt, nerves still flutter. 

But for those of us wanting a hint, bad news: she won't give anything away. 

"To me a show needs to be a secret; the excitement of a show is having a big reveal so I can't say very much - a part from it will be beautiful," she told Newshub.  

"Every show is different and especially because we have such a strong theme it's like the opening night of a play and that's how I imagine the actors and directors feel - we create the scene we create the characters, it's all choreographed. I like to think there's a dialogue going on even though it's not spoken.

"Its high nerves, but that's all part of the fun too." 

As "a mother" Sylvester says she couldn't possibly pick a favourite collection, as "they all have their own charms and merits". 

But if she had to choose….

"We did a collection tarte base based on Donna Tarte's books with a beautiful finale of confetti pages. A couple of years ago we did Electric Dreams [which was] all based on Blade Runner with stunning neon lights.

"Those two are absolute highlights." 

This year's Fashion Week has a fresh focus on sustainability, which is set to be integrated across all elements of the event from designers, runway shows and seminars to workshops, markets, walking tours and onsite waste reduction.

Sylvester says that the movement is the only trend she's interested in. 

"[It's] picking up huge momentum [and] it's incredibly important to us as a brand and its apart of the message of our show."

That means bad news for those planning to come to NZFW in the trendiest of fast fashion, perhaps with those stupid tiny sunglasses everyone seems to be sporting. 

"The women who are always going to look the best are those who are dressing to please themselves, they're wearing clothes they absolutely love," explains Sylvester. "We want to see people buying really beautiful clothes that will last or [buying] vintage..the worst thing for us is to see clothes that will end up in landfill." 

NZ Fashion Week will take place from August 26 to September 1 at the Auckland Town Hall.