Kiwi woman who married Bumble match on first date leaves husband after feeling trapped

Sarah Edwards and Paul Edwards were married on Christmas day.
Sarah Edwards and Paul Edwards were married on Christmas day. Photo credit: Facebook

A Kiwi woman who married her Bumble match on their first date has split from him two months later to live a polyamorous lifestyle.

New Zealand-born Sarah Edwards, matched with British father-of-two Paul Edwards on dating app Bumble on December 15. 

The pair started chatting on December 22 and made plans to get married the next day. They then flew to Las Vegas where they were married on Christmas day. 

Shortly after the wedding, several photos of Ms Edwards at a bondage club were later leaked, prompting her to reveal her love for BDSM and fetish parties. 

Now after just two months the pair have split with Sarah swearing off monogamous relationships. 

Speaking with the Sun, Sarah said she is currently dating two toy boys and loving it. 

"My marriage may be over but it has opened me up to a whole new world," she told the Sun. 

“After feeling trapped in a jealous marriage it has really put me off being with one man again.”

"Now I'm living the polyamorous lifestyle and loving it," she added.

She said after getting married, Paul moved into her flat, which she shared with her two ex-boyfriends, who were also called Paul.

However, she said her ex-husband struggled to adapt to the lifestyle and was often jealous. 

In an effort to improve their relationship, the couple attended a sex party. But Paul was unable to contain his jealousy and their relationship became more strained, Sarah told the Daily Mail. 

Eventually, he moved out of her flat and they called it quits on their marriage. Sarah says they still occasionally talk but haven't seen each other since February.