Lisa and Ribz win big in this week’s master bedroom and ensuite room reveal

The Block NZ 2019
Lisa and Ribz' winning master bedroom has a relaxed Kiwiana vibe. Photo credit: The Block NZ on Three

Lisa and Ribz enjoy their first room reveal win by creating a stunning master bedroom and ensuite.

Setting this room apart are its green feature wall, glass doors, storage space, frame TV and innovative paint technology. 

Newshub spoke to experts from Adairs, Città, Farmers, Resene and Tile Space who all divulged their secrets on creating this winning look. 

The Block NZ 2019
The latest technology Resene SmartTouch took pride of place in the master bedroom Photo credit: The Block NZ on Three

1. Master bedroom

Lisa and Ribz' master bedroom has a clean, fresh and modern feel to it. The styling is en-pointe and not overdone. We love how the green colour gives the room a relaxed Kiwiana vibe. 

Future of paint technology

Making the most of a golden opportunity Lisa and Ribz used the latest Resene paint technology to awesome effect in their master bedroom. Resene SmartTouch is a clever new paint technology, known as a conductive coating. Once applied and dry, simply tap the wall to turn the lights on and off. No more fumbling around in the dark looking for a light switch. Resene SmartTouch can be applied to an area up to two metres square in size, and you can use it in lots of different rooms – from bedrooms and living areas, hallways, stairwells and garages. Top the surface in your chosen Resene colour or wallpaper it and you’ll have a clever wall that looks like normal.

Velvet underground

Lisa and Ribz have used velvet to give the room a luxurious feel and this is a big trend for 2019 according to Farmers home merchandise manager Andrea Hume. "It is an excellent material to incorporate in headboards, cushions, and occasional chairs, working to accent a room and give it that little something extra. Multiple hues of green are very much on trend this season and we'll see this continue into spring/summer. Shades such as khaki, moss, and olive explore our inherent yearning to connect with nature, bringing a little touch of the outdoors into our homes," she says. 

The room is styled using two key trends according to Adairs bathroom and bedding product manager Natalie Chylinski. "Linen and velvet add beautiful texture into rooms, and are two trends that are here to stay."

In Lisa and Ribz winning master bedroom and ensuite "the choice of white and beige linen brightens the look and provides a fresh contrast for rich velvet textures. The grey hues balance the feature wall and green leafy elements perfectly, plus the velvety textured fabrics in the accessories provide an instant luxe look and feel," Natalie says. 

The Block NZ 2019
1. Sove Chambray Linen Duvet Cover in Oatmeal - Città 2. Bella Chair in Grey - Adairs 3. Knightsbridge Ottoman in Grey – Adairs 4. Montana Throw in Grey Wolf– Adairs 5. Cotton Velvet Quilted Bedspread in Carbon – Città 6. Nordic Islanda Matt Tile (450x900) - Tile Space 7. Paint in Resene White – Resene ColorShops 8. Paint in Resene Half Concrete – Resene ColorShops 9. Belgian Vintage Washed Cushion in Charcoal – Adairs 10. Mini Magnolia Vase in Blue – Città 11. Jacquard Hand Towel in Moss – Città 12. Paint in Resene Mother Nature – Resene ColorShops 13. Artisan Moss Green Gloss Tile (132X132) - Tile Space 14. Compound Tall Boy – Città 15. Adelfi Rug in Silver Marle - Adairs Photo credit: The Block NZ on Three

Going green

Città interior stylist Federica Contardi says they're seeing a lean towards colours in forest tones, with darker blues and greens. "The choice of these tones creates relaxing environments, making the space a reflection of a natural panorama, transmitting a strong sense of peace and well-being. It conjures emotional and calming feelings of being close to nature. Eco-sustainability is a key focus, which is why natural fibres and materials are a preference."

The lush jade green feature wall in Resene Mother Nature brings the feeling of a warm tropical jungle escape indoors, to enjoy year-round. "With most of us spending so much time inside, there is a growing trend to bring the outdoors in, with nature inspired colours, such as greens and blues, and timber finishes, such as this timber flooring," Resene’s Karen Warman says. "While some pastel hues can tend to have a feminine feel, dark hues tend to be more gender neutral and are increasingly popular to create bedroom sanctuaries. The dark accessories and furniture emphasise the drama of the green walls, without weighing the room down." 

2. Ensuite  

In the ensuite the beautifully combined textures and colours of the tiles equates to a clean and well-finished result. Adairs’ Natalie Chylinski points out as the hardware is quite modern and industrial, the tonal grey towels keep the look stylish and fresh. A great example of how bathroom accessories can be used to elevate and change up a space. 

The Block NZ 2019
The green theme extends into the couple's beautifully finished ensuite. Photo credit: The Block NZ on Three

Tile talk

Tile Space Henderson branch manager Mahsa Halajpour says Lisa and Ribz went for a Tile Space bestseller Nordic Islanda on their floor and shower walls and for good reason. "This tile has the natural look of limestone in with a soft light grey colour, it works beautifully with the Artisan Moss Green Square feature tiles behind the vanity. The handmade look of the Artisan tile and natural stone look of the Nordic combine for a calming and relaxing space. Using a white wall tile with a 3D element such as the Lumina Bubble is a great way to add texture to a space while still keeping it light and bright," she says.

"We are seeing a big rise in natural textures and handmade looks. The Nordic Islanda is a perfect example of this and its neutral and light colour is very practical. The Artisan Moss Green Square has a handmade and natural finish and the gorgeous forest green colour is very calming," Mahsa says.

Style consultation

Lisa and Ribz enjoyed a personal consultation with Città consultant Federica Contardi.

"I showed them how important it is to create calm, cosy and relaxing feelings," she says. "We went through a few tips on how to make a master bedroom look luxurious. We talked about the importance of layering: to create a premium looking master-bedroom, it’s necessary to integrate plenty of fabrics, cushions, bedspreads and throws to build layers of harmonious elegance and texture.

"Layers of cushions are essential but, together with sleeping pillows, they shouldn't take up more than a third of the total bed length. A rug helps define the focal point of the room and centres attention on the bed. About a quarter of the rug should show from the end of the bed," Federica says. 

Winning this week’s room reveal means the couple adds a whopping $10,000 to their budget.

While Lisa and Ribz’s master bedroom and ensuite impressed the judges, clever style ideas and products from the other teams also grabbed our attention. Check out an image gallery of all four apartments on the The Block NZ Fanzone.

To create The Block NZ trends featured in this article in your own home, visit Adairs, Città, Farmers, Resene and Tile Space.

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