McF-bomb: McDonald's reacts after Hamilton worker barrels customer with swear words

Warning: This article contains offensive language.

A video of a customer being abused by a McDonald's employee in the drive-thru of a Hamilton restaurant has prompted an apology from the company.

In the video, the drive-thru worker at McDonald's Five Cross Roads can be heard saying they were closed, before swearing through the intercom.

Someone in the car then makes the point the restaurant is supposed to be open 24 hours.

The employee goes on to call the customer "a little bitch" after asking him "the f**k you want bitch?"

Teuteu Eukaliti posted the video on Facebook, saying they were told McDonald's systems were down and they could only order via Uber Eats.

In a statement to Newshub, a McDonald's spokeswoman said the way the member of staff handled the situation was "unacceptable".

"The restaurant manager spoke with the customer on Sunday and apologised, and an investigation into what happened is taking place."