Parents still stalking adult children on a night out - survey

We all have fond memories of our parents coming to pick us up in their dressing gowns during our teenage years, or maybe getting home before midnight curfew to find them awake and waiting in front of the television.

For many of us, that kind of supervision teetered off around the age of 18, especially if we were trotting off to university or the working world.

Or so we thought.

According to a new survey, for those of us in our mid-twenties, our parents may still be keeping more of a watchful eye than we realise.

Three hundred Kiwi parents with children aged 18-30 were surveyed by Uber about their worries when their children go out at night

Almost a quarter (24 percent) of parents surveyed say they've checked up on their adult children during a night out without their knowledge. Of these vigilant parents, 31 percent stalk their social media channels for updates, and 23 percent admit to checking up on them from their car.

And when these parents aren't checking in on their kids or picking them up, they're at home worrying. One quarter (25 percent) of parents surveyed say they have the same number of sleepless nights worrying about their adult children as they did when they were babies or toddlers, and 17 percent say they actually have more sleepless nights now their wee ones have grown up.

When it comes to outings, parents are most concerned about their children going to clubs and bars, with one third (33 percent) saying this was a source of concern.

Rideshare services like Uber, Zoomy and Ola have a 'share my trip' feature on the apps so you can let trusted contacts know where you're headed - but even a text message would probably do. Let mum and dad sleep in peace!



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