Razor advertisement dubbed 'gross' for showing women's pubic, underarm hair

women with body hair in ad
The advertisement has been dubbed 'groundbreaking'. Photo credit: Billie/ Instagram.

US razor company Billie has come under fire for a new ad which actually shows woman with pubic and underarm hair.

The 'Red, White and You Do You' campaign was launched in time for a Northern hemisphere summer, displaying women showing off body hair in swimsuits on the beach.

The departure from most women's razor campaigns which usually show razors gliding up hairless legs, has been dubbed ground-breaking.

But unsurprisingly, the campaign has garnered some critique from disgusted viewers - mostly men - who have expressed their outrage at the images of body hair.

When Instagram account Beige Cardigan posted the ad to their feed, a slew of negative comments came forth.

"F**k no. I feel physically ill. That's just plain unAmerican," wrote one strangely patriotic commenter.

"Just don't go getting all mad when nobody wants to get with your hairy bikini line," wrote another.

"Gross. And completely unhygienic. The stink must be strong," wrote another.

Even Olympian Lolo Jones chipped in writing, "What in the world?"

However on the original post by Billie, the reaction was much more positive.

"I watched this 300 times!!! Yaaaassss," wrote Jane the Virgin actress Gina Rodriguez.

"I love this campaign & love this company," wrote another fan.

"Love this! Who cares if you aren't totally bare? We need to allow each other to feel safe and comfortable however we choose to rock our swimwear and body hair," commented another. 

Ashley Armitage, the campaign's director and photographer, told Refinery29 the aim was to show women have options when it comes to hair removal .

"Body hair on cisgender men is seen as attractive. Body hair on cisgender women, transgender women, and non-binary individuals is seen as unattractive, unhygienic, and unacceptable," she says.

"I want people to feel free to do what they want with their bodies this summer and every summer. Body hair is a personal choice. Shaving it, waxing it, or growing it are all valid, and all up to the individual."




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