Ryan Bridge: Vegans' stickers on meat won't put me off it

OPINION: Gosh I love meat. 

Red meat, white meat. Meat meat. I'm a proud meat-eater.

I cooked the most amazing leg of lamb the other day. There aren't many things that make me as happy as well done roast.

But the vegans are coming with cloak and dagger and stickers, plastering them all over our world-class flesh and muscle.

In supermarkets, the stickers read: "This package contains the body of someone who did not want to die".

It's supposed to put us off meat, but I already knew they didn't want to die. We all know that.

But we eat it anyway. We eat it because it's yummy, it's packed with protein and the animals by-in-large don't feel pain at the slaughterhouse.

What's the point in being at the top of the food chain if we can't enjoy it? 

It's like winning lotto and deciding to be thrifty. Silly idea. Besides, do you think cows would think twice before devouring us if the tables were turned? 

If our forebears, way back to hunter-gatherer days, didn't slay and feast on meat, we probably wouldn't be here. 

I respect anybody's choice to not eat meat, like I respect anybody's choice of religion, but please, don't force it down my throat.

Ryan Bridge is filling in as the host of The AM Show.