'Stop buckling to outrage': Mark Richardson slams stores removing 'fat-shaming' plates

The AM Show host Mark Richardson has slammed stores that "bow to outrage on social media," after a US department store removed a series of plates accused of encouraging disordered eating. 

The portion-control-themed crockery gained international attention this week after Twitter user Alie Ward shared an image of the plates on Twitter, captioning it "How can I get these plates from Macey's banned in all 50 states?"

The plates are sectioned into circles, with the smallest circle labelled 'skinny jeans,' the second-smallest reading 'favourite jeans' and the largest reading 'mom [mum] jeans'. 

Macy's department store agreed on Twitter that they'd "missed the mark" and declared they'd pull the plates from stores. 

On Wednesday morning Richardson slammed the decision, calling the plates "quite funny", and saying the store "bowed to the outrage people like to express when they take to social media". 

He issued a challenge to CEOs to "man up, or woman up, and show some cojones". 

"It's you who can make the change, it's you who can stop buckling to a very small minority of people who love to get outraged on social media," he added. 

"Its you in charge of these organisations who are causing the problem."

Richarson's sentiments were echoed by many online, who called the decision to remove the plates "unfair". 

"I can understand you not liking them. But why do you get to decide that 300 million other people don't get that choice?," reasoned one person on Twitter. 



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