The most unusual matches to combine for National Wine and Cheese Day

Cheese and wine with friends
Cheese? Wine? Sign us up. Photo credit: Getty.

In case you didn't know, Thursday July 25 is a day where we celebrate all things wine and cheese - two of life's greatest matches. 

We all know the classics, so Heinrich Storm - the winemaker of Goldie Estate - has put together some of the more unconventional pairings for your enjoyment. 

The only thing better than cheese is melted cheese. With winter firmly here, now is the time to indulge in some of these gooey delicacies.

If you've never tried Raclette, Tartiflette or fondue, put them on your must-do list this winter. All, of course, involve melted cheese which isn't the easiest thing to match with wine, especially reds. Instead, try go for crisp or aromatic white wines.

Here are a few suggestions.

Cheese fondue 


The best choices are a crisp dry white such an unoaked chardonnay, dry pinot gris or riesling.



Here potatoes and sometimes cold meats are involved, which mitigates the intense cheesiness. I'd still go for a similar crisp white as the above, but it could take a slightly more robust red like young syrah or merlot. For an alternative, try the burger version of raclette; scraped melted cheese over a delicious beefy goodness and try with a fuller bodied red wine. Goldie Estate Syrah 2016 is a great match. 



Tartiflette is like a super-charged gratin dauphinois, with bacon and Reblochon cheese. Try with similar wines as the cheese fondue.

Blue cheese and swede gratin 


Don't know what to do with all your root vegetables this winter? Try replacing potatoes with some a swede and top with blue cheese. Deliciously well paired with a full-bodied red. Try Goldie Estate's Reserve Cabernet Merlot Franc 2014. 



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