The two simple rules that helped this grandma lose 50kg

An American grandmother has dropped 50kg after making two simple life changes: never eating anyone's leftovers and never avoiding the opportunity to exercise, including always climbing the stairs.

Christine Kuhlman, 51, kick-started her weightloss journey two years ago, applying the simple rules to her everyday life.

She was astounded when the weight began to drop off.

Initially weighing 108kg after years of binging on her children's leftovers and constantly craving sweets, Christine knew it was time to lose weight, so started to drink meal replacement shakes and take part in simple exercise.

After just six weeks, the healthcare worker lost 9kg, so decided to up her exercise intake and began walking nearly 5km every day.

Within just two years, Christine, from Ohio, US, had lost 50kg and completed her first half marathon - and claims that her weight loss has made her feel 10 years younger.

Christine Kuhlman explains how she dropped from 108kg to 58kg with two simple rules.
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"I didn't want to reach the age of 50 being as overweight as I was, and now that my children were growing up it was time that I started putting myself first again," says Christine.

"For years I would avoid walking up or down the stairs at any opportunity - and would send my children to fetch things for me to avoid doing so.

"But once I applied my two simple life changes which stopped me from avoiding exercise and eating leftovers, my weight began to fall off."

Christine says she's changed up her diet considerably since making the decision to get healthier, with the changes outlined below:

Diet before

  • Breakfast: Egg on a tortilla, sugary fruit juice
  • Lunch: Fatty fast food
  • Dinner: Double portion of pasta, beef and vegetables
  • Snacks: Sweets, biscuit, chocolate, crisps

Diet now

  • Breakfast: Isagenic shake
  • Lunch: Isagenix shake
  • Dinner: 600 calorie dinner
  • Snack: Two 150 calorie snacks

"Alongside my diet improving massively, my fitness also took a turn for the better and within one year I had joined a gym and started running," says Christine.

"Now, just two years later, I have been able to complete a half marathon - which is something I would never dream of happening.

"I feel like I have dropped 10 years off of my appearance and love what I see in the mirror - and all of my friends and family can't believe how young I look now!"

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