Twitter rallies to help find discontinued dress for UK autistic girl

Twitter is often a place where people go to complain and whinge, meaning it can become a soapbox for those frustrated with the world. But once in a while it can really show just how cool people can be. 

This week the online community joined forces to help find the exact replica of the favourite dress of an autistic girl from the UK.  

Staffordshire woman Deborah Price appealed for help on the weekend, asking followers to help track down the dress for her friend's daughter Elsie. 

"[My] friend's autistic daughter only wears this dress," Price wrote. "Don't judge". 

The dress pictured was a grey jersey dress with a rainbow heart, by UK brand Next. The problem was, it was released more than three years ago. 

"Question is has anyone got this [Next] dress from 3yrs ago in age 11plus and if so can we buy them off you?" Price finished her Tweet. 

It's fair to say she was probably not expecting the overwhelming response, with her Tweet racking up over 80000 likes and 3000 retweets. 

People immediately started commenting with leads, with two people tracking down similar dresses on Ebay, and others tagging in friends they thought might be able to help. 

"I don't have the dress, but if it would help I'd be happy to get some of the fabric… and try to make a similar one for her," wrote one helpful person. 

Even the clothing brand got on board, writing that they had dropped that item form their range, but would contact the supplier to see if they could get some more made. 

Even people who didn't know where to find the dress still shared their support. "I have 4 autistic kids, I absolutely know the horror of growing/wearing out favoured clothes. Good luck with the search," one parent tweeted.

And finally, the search bore fruit. Twitter user Nicole Arumugam replied with an image of her daughter holding up the exact dress. 

"My 12year old has got one in a size 12 years! If you send me your address we'll pop it in the post," she wrote.

In a follow up thread thanking everyone for their support, Price says she's overwhelmed by everyone's kindness, and stories like this "restore your faith in human nature". 

"Stop the clock!" she wrote. 

"Absolutely bowled over by the kindness of strangers. Massive thanks to each and every one of you and huge thanks to the two girls who have chosen to send their dresses," she wrote. 

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, little Elise will be very happy - and so will her mum. 




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