UK boy nearly has tongue chopped off after getting it stuck in drink bottle

The boy's tongue started swelling after he got it stuck.
The boy's tongue started swelling after he got it stuck. Photo credit: Getty

A six-year-old boy nearly lost his tongue after getting it stuck in a drink bottle purchased from a UK supermarket.

The Lancaster youngster got his tongue stuck before it started swelling. He was then taken to hospital.

Riley Woof and his mum, Clare, were then told he may require a major operation.

He underwent surgery and his tongue was saved, but he's temporarily unable to talk properly.

"It was the scariest day of our lives," Clare told Metro. "I'm still really shaken.

"I can't stop looking at him and welling up."

During the operation, surgeons even warned Clare that Riley could die, she said.

The supermarket, Sainsbury's, is investigating but is describing it as an "isolated incident", Metro reports.

"He's [Riley] enjoying running around the garden like nothing's happened.

"To think this is an everyday item most kids would have in their school lunch boxes - it's scary," Clare told Metro.

Luckily, she said things are returning to normal despite peeling on his tongue and a few issues with speech.

"I thought 'how on earth could this happen from a water bottle'?" Clare said.


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