US man suffers third-degree burn the size of a volleyball after his vape battery explodes

Exploding vape devices have caused a number of injuries.
Exploding vape devices have caused a number of injuries. Photo credit: Fox8/Screenshot

A US man suffered from extensive third-degree burns on his leg after a spare battery for his vaping device exploded in his pocket.

The LGHG2 e-cigarette battery burst into flames inside Nader Harb's pocket while he was at work. Harb, from Ohio, was rushed to hospital where he received treatment for second and third-degree burns the size of a volleyball. 

The victim has now filed a lawsuit against the battery manufacturer LG, a South Korean electronics company also known for manufacturing LG phones.

Harb told Cleveland news outlet WKYC that the pain of the incident was excruciating.

"I got cut by machines, I got run over by a car, I've never seen pain like this," he said.

A number of e-cigarette device and battery manufacturers have come under fire after their products caused significant harm. Earlier this year a 24-year-old American died after his e-cigarette exploded in his face.

A man using an LG Chem vape was hospitalised in May 2017 following a battery explosion, damaging his leg and genitalia.

Harb's experience has once again drawn attention to the dangers of batteries manufactured without satisfactory regulation.