US teacher with deadly banana allergy nearly died after pupils hurled the fruit at her

A teacher almost died from her deadly banana allergy. Photo credit: Getty.

A US art teacher with a banana allergy almost died from severe anaphylactic shock after her students, who were aware of her condition, deliberately pelted her with the fruit.

Two 12-year-old boys and a 13-year-old girl at Starling K-8 school in Columbus, Ohio decided to 'prank' the teacher by throwing the fruit at her and smearing banana on the classroom door. 

A "Banana Free Zone" warning sign had been placed outside the classroom to make pupils aware of her allergy to the popular lunchbox snack.

Within 15 minutes of the attack, Mrs Woods went into anaphylactic shock, Metro reports.

A school security guard told local police that the November 2018 incident could have been "attempted murder". He reiterated that all pupils were fully informed of her allergy.

The teacher was reportedly administered two EpiPens but to no avail. Her throat started to close up, and she was rushed to the hospital.

Woods has now recovered from the incident.

The three students responsible for the callous prank have been sentenced to probation by a juvenile court.

It is unclear whether the students faced expulsion.