Walmart gives two-year-old girl 'Happy Birthday Loser' cake by mistake

A US mother got a hilarious surprise when she opened the birthday cake bought for her two-year-old daughter.

Last September, Melin Jones from Missouri, picked the cake out from her local Walmart and rushed home without checking the writing on top. 

She had asked the employee to write her daughter's nickname "Lizard," which is short for Elizabeth.

When she got home, she opened the box to realise her mistake. Rather than the strange but endearing nickname, the cake read "Happy birthday Loser."

"I was pissed then, but man it's funny now," Jones wrote on Facebook in July.

Elizabeth looking at her unorthodox cake
Elizabeth looking at her unorthodox cake Photo credit: Facebook/ Melin Jones

Jones wanted to show her husband the mishap and immediately snapped a picture.

The photo shows Elizabeth staring at the cake in dismay. 

Jones was quick to reassure the internet her daughter can't read yet.

"We didn't tell her what it said, and even if we did our two-year-old child wouldn't know what a loser is," she wrote on Facebook.

She said they bought Lizard a new cake, and Jones ate the Loser cake.

The post was shared to Facebook group Sad Sales, Stolen Goods and Sketchy Services, where it received hundreds of shares and comments.

"I know she can't read, but this picture is PERFECT!" wrote one woman.

"It will make for many laughs and stories down the road and kudos to you mama for not freaking out!"

"This is just a hoot," wrote another "The look on her face!"