Watch: Tongan beauty queen unleashes tirade on organisers, cyber-bullies

  • 07/07/2019

A University of Auckland law student has caused a huge uproar at a beauty pageant in Tonga.

The reigning pageant-winner, Kalo Funganitao, was there to hand over to her successor and began her speech by thanking her supporters.

However, her words then took an unexpected turn as she unleashed on pageant committee members and cyber-bullies.

In response, the microphone was turned off and replaced with loud background music, but Funganitao continued while streaming the speech live on Facebook. 

"Enough is enough! If you have the guts to attack a person as a group in such a cowardly way then you can deal with the consequences when she shares her experiences with the entire world," she said.

"I am disgusted by the capacity people have for evil, but frankly if you feel empowered by ganging up to bully someone - then you must deal with the repercussions," she later added in a Facebook post.

Funganitao claims she was lied to, cheated and back-stabbed during her time in the pageant. 

Watch the video.