Wedding party shoot crashed by 'Scooter Girl', the best photobomber of all time

Scooter Girl photobombing wedding shoot
The internet came together to hunt down 'Scooter Girl'. Photo credit: Molly B Photography.

A US wedding photographer has captured one of the best photobombs of all time, leading to an internet hunt to track down 'Scooter Girl' 

When Matt Reilly and his groomsmen gathered outside their wedding venue earlier this month, they had no idea their shoot was about to go viral. 

The photogher, Molly Giangreco, told Buzzfeed News, "We were on the last leg of group photos, and I took all the groomsmen out on the main strip". 

"That's when this girl on a scooter and her husband came rolling through."

Giangreco captured the moment the woman rolled through on a Lime scooter, posing for the camera while the groomsmen in the background cheered. 

"When your wedding is in downtown Omaha during the College World Series, you never really know what might happen," Giangreco captioned the hilarious shoot on Facebook. 

"This woman, having the time of her life on a scooter, kept riding past us - posing for photos and we LOVE her for it!"

Giangreco wrote that the woman took off before they could get her contact information, "so let's see if we can find her by sharing." 

The post racked up 6000 likes and nearly 3000 shares, with Facebook users coming together to "#FindScooterGirl". 

It was only an hour before the woman's identity was revealed: Omaha-based Kenyatta Jefferson. 

Jefferson told local media she "never thought [she] would see the picture". 

"I thought about it last week and yesterday my friend from work sent me a picture and I was like, 'Oh my God. Where did you get this picture?' And she was like, 'another co-worker,' and then I got on Facebook and I had so many tags. Everyone tagging me on this picture."

Jefferson also says it won't be her last photobomb. 

"I love jumping into people's pictures and if the opportunity comes, I take it. I'm there thinking to myself, 'I'm going to photobomb this picture'."

Reilly the groom and his new bride Makayla say they both love the picture and will keep it forever. 



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