Where to find the best fried chicken in Auckland

It's July 4 here in New Zealand, a time to celebrate all things belonging to our friends over in the old US of A. Of course a staple is that southern classic; fried chicken. 

Coincidently, it's also National Fried Chicken Day on Saturday July 6. Kismet!

I consider myself a bit of a fried chicken aficionado - I'll pay top dollar for karaage at the best fusion restaurants around Auckland, and I'll hoon a wicked wing box on a hungover Sunday - no sides required. 

To kill two celebratory birds with one stone, I've compiled a list of my favourite chicken haunts in the 09. 



Mexico is great because the quality stands up; even now with numerous outlets around the country (Silverdale is their latest opening). For spice fans, the fried chicken now is marked by THREE CHILLIES on the menu which is menu code for 'this is not for p**sies'.To celebrate National Fried chicken day this weekend you can your hands on a fried chicken or fried cauliflower burger, or go on a Tuesday to snap up a fried chicken taco. Or go anytime and just get the chicken! C'est la vie!

Fantail and Turtle


If you live across the bridge you probably already know about this local gem at Goodside development at Smales Farm. If you don't, this is worth a hoof across - the craft beer is good and the fried chicken is hot and plentiful. The last time I had fried chicken here it was with my very hungover father, who was up from Christchurch for a conference and had only a few hours to spare with his youngest daughter. He requested something deep fried and 'not trendy' - this was my very successful pick. Two thumbs up from myself and Rod Templeton. 

Electric Chicken in Morningside


Not the place to go if you get decision making anxiety, but definitely the place to go if you love fried chicken. In the new and always bustling Morningside Precinct, Electric Chicken is one of those grab-and-go spots perfect for the trip home from work or kid's sports practice. Choose from quarter, half or whole bird, or boneless chunks by the pound. Electric Crispy is OBVIOUSLY the best choice, but you can also get Jamaican jerk, Smokey Mexican, the list goes on. Their sandwiches also look delicious. 

Better Burger


Great news burger fans - Better Burger has recently released a fried chicken burger, and honestly it's even better that the regular beef cheeseburger. I know this because we went and grabbed fried chicken burgers for dinner the other week and we were mightily impressed. Then a couple of days later we wanted burgers AGAIN and to mix it up I got a cheeseburger and my boyfriend got chicken again, and I had so much food envy I ate half of his as well. So to save your relationship, always get fried chicken. You're welcome. 

Lord of the Fries 'Chick'n and Fries'  


Look, I know it's not real chicken but I want to throw a vegan option in here just if you feel like you need to counter your excessive meat consumption with something a little kinder to the planet. While this isn't as realistically like meat as say, the Burger Fuel Beyond Beleaf burger, it holds its own. The special LOTF soy protein has a satisfying amount of bite to it, and if you're anything like me you're eating it after emerging from Family Bar at 3am anyway so who cares?

Special mention: KFC wicked wing


The OG. Don't pretend you're better than KFC because you're not. I did for years, and I have nothing but regrets.