Woman shares genius hack for disguising a red wine spill on a white outfit

red wine spill down outfit
Four glasses of wine and a hand-dryer later.... Photo credit: Twitter.

A UK woman who customised her outfit at the races after an unfortunate mishap could almost be a Kiwi with all that ingenuity. 

Leeds local Eleanor Walton was at the Ripon races with her friends when another reveller spilt red wine down her all-white playsuit.

Walton told The Cut she was tempted to go home and change, "but I was having too much fun and didn't want to let a spill ruin my day". 

She and her girl gang came up with a genius solution, which was documented by friend Mia Williamson on Twitter. 

"Got some more red wine and fixed it and I think we've just made a new product to PLTs festival range," wrote Williamson, with an image of the newly red wine-dyed playsuit. 

The women used about four glasses of red wine to stain the Pretty Little Thing jumpsuit, turning it into a tie-dyed creation. 

The Tweet has racked up over 200,000 likes form impressed followers, calling the solution "genius". 

"Honestly looks like a piece of art masterpiece you wouldn't tell the difference if it was designer!" one person said.

"It's actually SUCH A CUTE OUTFIT DAMN," someone else added.

Even the clothing brand got involved, posting on their Twitter page: "Safe to say that wasn't a 'pour' decision."

However many couldn't get past the waste of alcohol, and one person wrote Walton must have smelt like "a right alcoholic". 

Walton told The Cut "there was no shortage of wine." 

"I spent a loooong time under the hand dryer, and we had an open bar all day," she said. 

Back at the Otago races in my first year at university, someone vomited down my back. This hack probably wouldn't work in that situation, but for a cheeky red wine stain, it's genius. 



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