Addiction specialist explains why you can't say no to free food at work

Nothing gets in the way of a well-planned diet quite like free food.

Especially when it comes to work shouts, we become the biggest danger to ourselves - even if we have no idea where the food came from.

So why is it so damn hard to say no to free food at work? And can we learn to keep our angry cake holes in check?

Addiction specialist Margo Regan told The Project when we see or hear the word "free", the brain doesn't recognise potential negatives.

"Seeing value in something being free seems a lot greater than what it actually is.

Regan said offices supplying sugary treats can also play a part.

"Sugar is addictive - it can be that special treat," she told The Project. "It's a way of rewarding - having a break from your desk."

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