Apple makes security fixes after recent update made devices vulnerable to hackers

Apple amended the issue on Monday.
Apple amended the issue on Monday. Photo credit: Getty

Apple users are being urged to update their devices after a recent iOS release left them vulnerable to hackers.

Forbes reported about the "critical security flaw" in iOS 12.4 last week, saying some iPhones, iPads and iPod touches were vulnerable following the update. The tech company was forced to urgently release a patch.

The security flaw meant phones were open to malicious activity, with the potential for hackers to be able to steal data, reports Motherboard.

Apple issued iOS 12.4.1 on Monday to amend the issue - saying a "malicious application" may have been able to "execute arbitrary code with system privileges".

Apple says the issue has been addressed in the fix, with "improved memory management".

Writing for Forbes, Atherton Research vice-president of advanced technologies Jeb Su says Apple users should immediately install the latest patch.

"We recommend to be extremely careful when downloading applications from the Apple AppStore," Su says.

"Make sure these apps come from a well-known software publisher which will reduce the risk of having a secret backdoor or malicious code hidden inside the app."

Earlier this year, Reuters reported that software pirates hijacked technology designed by Apple to distribute hacked versions of Spotify, Angry Birds, Pokemon Go, Minecraft and other popular apps on iPhones.

Since Apple's App Store debuted in 2008, the company has sought to portray the iPhone as safer than rival Android devices because Apple reviews and approves all apps distributed to the devices.

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