Apple's iPhone 11: Features and specs to expect from upcoming generation

It's roughly two weeks until Apple officially announces its next generation iPhone 11 family - and pretty much everything a consumer can expect from the new handset has already been leaked, from a range of authoritative sources to Twitter gossipmongers.

A new leaked image posted on Sunday by Twitter user Ben Geskin, a self-proclaimed "concept designer" and reporter of Apple and mobile tech news, gives a seemingly accurate "first look" at what the iPhone 11 will actually look like, says tech website BGR.

A leaked image of the upcoming iPhone 11 family.
A leaked image of the upcoming iPhone 11 family. Photo credit: Ben Geskin/Twitter

However, BGR thinks Apple still has some tricks up its sleeve for the big September unveiling. It's expected the iPhone 11 family will feature a larger battery, faster processor, a more robust construction and iOS 13 - but this is what else you might expect from the upcoming generation.

Three new models


Apple intends to introduce three new models, reports the Wall Street Journal. BGR cites these as an iPhone 11, an iPhone 11 Pro and an iPhone 11 Pro Max - but other sources have reported variations such as iPhone 11R and 11 Max. 

Camera upgrades


Pretty standard, really - it's basically a consumer expectation that each generation of iPhone will boast a new-and-improved camera. 

Since last year, there have been rumours at least one of Apple's 2019 models would have three rear-facing lenses, providing a greater capacity for wide-angle shots, says CNet

Leaked renders of an alleged prototype show a triangular configuration of three cameras, plus a flash, in a raised square setting.

The iPhone 11 handsets are said to feature advanced camera software, with new special effects and editing processes for both photos and videos. Rumours of an 'invisibility effect' have been largely confirmed by Apple, reports Forbes

Design differences


A number of leaked images and renders of the iPhone 11 have been completely wrong, says BGR. There has been a prevalence of incorrect physical mockups, circulated by third-party accessory makers in China. Dimensions may be accurate, but there is little information regarding materials and other specifics.

However, a top Apple insider has claimed the back of Apple's new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro will be frosted glass, likely with a matte finish unlike previous generations.

Also, word on the street is the 'iPhone' logo on the back of the phone will make its departure for the first time. The upcoming lineup is rumoured to feature a colourway of black, white, gold and dark green.

Other rumoured features bilateral charging, an A13 processor and a new mute button - all for a predictably high cost.