Bewildered mother charged $130 for son to attend child's birthday party

Kids' birthdays definitely aren't what they used to be - gone are the days where fish and chips and a few rounds of pass-the-parcel would suffice.

But for one angry mother, the party of her son's classmate has taken the cake, which she dubbed "really grabby, bordering on cheeky f**kery".

The mother turned to parenting forum 'Mumsnet' to ask for advice after the invite for her son to go go-karting came with an eye-watering £70 (NZ$130) bill. 

As well as being asked to provide Amazon vouchers as a present, the bewildered mother was asked for money to contribute to the go-kart deposit, transport to the venue and various other costs.

If that wasn't enough, the mother of the birthday boy then "had the gall" to request parents pack a generous picnic for lunch - and "pack extra so the birthday boy doesn't have to bring anything". 

Essentially, the other parents were footing the bill for the entire party. 

The fed-up mother said she didn't know what to do as her son was excited to be invited along , but at this rate she could just take him go-karting herself for a fraction of the cost. 

Outraged fellow parents commenting on the post, calling the charges "insane". 

"She essentially wants everyone else to pay for her son's birthday. No way would my [child] be going," wrote one parent. 

"That is absolutely insane. I would definitely decline," wrote another. 

Others pointed out the madness of the cost, questioning if the mum was planning on making some extra dollars on the side. 

"She must be planning on a massive profit. No way would go-karting and transport for 30 cost over 2k," wrote one parent. 

Although shocking, the move isn't uncommon. Last year, an outraged mother turned to the same forum after she was charged £25 (NZ$51) for her daughter to attend a friend's birthday party.