Bride's meddling mother-in-law decides 'she hates' the couple's custom wedding rings, buys son a new one

A woman has taken to Reddit to complain about her possessive mother-in-law, who purchased her son a new wedding band after being unimpressed with the couple's custom-made rings.

The newly-wed, who married her partner in a low-key ceremony earlier this month, shared the story about her interfering mother-in-law last Wednesday. 

"I'm beginning to realise that my MIL would rather be the one married to DH [dear husband]," the bride joked.

"Before we got married, MIL asked to see the bands we chose. We were both really excited to show her. 

"I was able to get barrel staves from the very first brewery we ever visited together and a ring maker I've been obsessed with for years made them into bands for us."

The woman later shared a picture of the barrel staves laid in titanium after a number of Reddit users expressed their curiosity.

The sentimental story behind the couple's rings was lost on the disapproving mother-in-law, who felt compelled to take matters into her own meddling hands.

"A couple of weeks ago, MIL asked DH what ring size he was... I got home from work to a small package on the porch addressed to DH. He didn't order anything, we thought maybe it's a delayed wedding gift? Who knows," the woman wrote.

The package contained a men's wedding band. A note to the woman's husband said: "I saw this band and thought of you. I think it's much more your style than the band you have. I got it in your size, but let me know if it fits. Love, Mom." 

Luckily, the bride has seen the funny side.

"This b**** thinks DH is going to wear a band she bought over the ones we picked out together and mean something?

"We returned to sender and we are seeing MIL Sunday afternoon."

The woman uploaded a first instalment on Monday last week, giving readers an introduction to her mother-in-law's "overbearing behaviour" at the recent wedding.

"She even started on me five minutes after the ceremony about kids," she vented.

Whether meddling or well-meaning, Reddit cannot wait for a Part Three to this saga.