Fiery debate over samosa 'gentrification' at food market

Samosas at market
People are outraged over the 'gentrification' of flavours. Photo credit: Twitter.

A photo of the menu from a South African food market has launched a fierce debate over whether the "gentrification" of samosas has gone too far. 

Cape Town resident Kimberly Naidoo posted the image of the various "samoosa" flavours on Twitter, where it's racked up over 1000 shares and 3500 likes. 

According to Feast magazine, samoosas are the smaller, South African version of Indian samosas, often packed with minced beef and traditional spices. 

Flavours included 'bacon and cheese', 'Thai chicken', 'roast butternut' and 'Punjabi'. 

The assortment has received strong backlash on Twitter, with many thinking the integrity of samosas and samoosas has been lost. 

"Wait... olive, cheese and tomato? I don't know what to do with this information," wrote one person, to which another replied,  "they're seriously serving Greek salad in a samoosa?" 

"White people really just can’t leave things alone… They’ll put bacon in anything bro," wrote another. 

However, one person thought it could still go further, writing, "The gentrification will only be complete once there is an avocado and quinoa samosa. Those are the rules." 

"Those flavors look kinda nice though," one person did admit.