Five simple steps to living a Scandi lifestyle

Family and food are important to Swedish people. Photo credit: Electrolux

We can always count on the Swedes with their inherent sense of style to inspire us – all clean, timeless designs and simplified style. Here’s how to inject a dose of Scandinavian living into your heart and home.

1. Connection through coffee

In a world where we are bombarded by green juices and smoothie bowls, a rich coffee brew and pastry couldn't be more welcome – and the Swedish love to invite their neighbours over for this on a regular basis, says Swedish interior designer and Electrolux ambassador Anna-Carin McNamara. Called Fika, which is often translated as "a coffee and cake break", it’s really much more than that – a daily ritual enjoyed with others. If you prefer your solo time, Stephanie recommends connecting with nature instead, by "a long walk outdoors or foraging for food."

Coffee is a daily ritual in Sweden. Photo credit: Electrolux

2. Family and food

It is not just Sweden’s parental leave and day care schemes that allow the Swedish to focus on family as Anna-Carin says, but also they’re strong food culture. Entertaining expert and Electrolux ambassador, Stephanie loves to incorporate the Scandi fresh seasonal approach to cooking and in the cooler months that means comfort food like meatballs, classic potato salad, and apple layer cake.

The Swedish like to 'have just the right amount' and that includes preparing food. Photo credit: Electrolux

3. Create a balanced life

The Swedish practice of "having just the right amount". As Stephanie explains, this way of thinking fosters contentment by "seeking and maintaining a balance in life." That can mean anything from simplifying your home to only a collection of pleasure-bringing-items, to small practices like these enjoyed by Anna-Carin. "Buy lots of candles and place them around the house. Heat up cinnamon buns gently in your oven. While the smell of warm cinnamon fills the room, fire up your cooktop and brew a pot of strong coffee, before transferring it to a thermos and settling in on the sofa." Anna-Carin recommends the Electrolux multifunction steam and pyrolytic oven which cleans itself, while the FlexiBridge induction cooktop’s Stop & Go feature ensures your cooking will "keep warm" if you’re unexpectedly interrupted.

Sweating away life's problems in a sauna is an essential part of Swedish life. Photo credit: Electrolux

4. Sweat your stress away

Like Fika, sweating away life's problems in a steaming-hot sauna is an essential part of the Swedish experience. It’s a pastime all Swedes enjoy, says Anna-Carin. "We do take unisex saunas all the time, where we tend to talk and sweat and drink in there." Relax and soak up the circulatory benefits.


Swedish appliance manufacturer, Electrolux, is currently celebrating 100 years’ experience designing premium appliances for the home. Photo credit: Electrolux

5. People over prestige

Anna-Carin explains the Swedish always consider others first. "The thinking is how can we put people and the user experience first in everything we do, as opposed to profit, prestige and appearance." This applies to home design as well and she says creating a minimal and simplistic space with a neutral colour palate and investing in products that are built to last like those made by Swedish appliance manufacturer, Electrolux, which this year celebrates 100 years' experience designing premium appliances for the home.

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