Groom blasted online for lack of personal hygiene in wedding bouquet shots

A wedding cake
A wedding cake Photo credit: Getty

Engaged couples often spend months ensuring they will look their best for their wedding day, but a photo of one grubby groom shows not everyone thinks the same way. 

The groom has been blasted for his apparent lack of personal hygiene after his wedding shots were posted online.

Shared into Facebook group 'That's It, I'm Nail Shaming' the pictures show a close up of a bridal bouquet with one beautifully manicured female hand, and one rather lacklustre male hand.

a couples hands on top of a bridal bouquet. The man's fingernails are caked in dirt
The couple's hands are starkly different Photo credit: Facebook

The man's nails are lengthy and encrusted with dirt. It's almost impressive how much grime is under his nails. It's like a soil-based manicure.

Commenters in the group immediately leapt on the man for his apparent lack of hygiene. 

"Is this a funeral and he's dug himself out of a  f***ing grave?" questioned one woman.

"I just can't with these men who can't be bothered to make an effort even ONE TIME for the person they are promising to spend their life with," wrote another.

Commenters were horrified at the state of the mans hands
Commenters were horrified at the state of the mans hands Photo credit: Facebook

The picture received hundreds of comments  some of which supported the man and his grubby hands.

"At least she has a working man! It's a shame y'all are degrading this man."

The bride and groom were not identified in the post. 



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