'Had given up hope': Women who survived eating disorders' remarkable move to help others

Two Kiwi women who fought the battle against eating disorders and won want to use their experience to help others.

Genevieve Mora, co-founder of Voices of Hope, and Millie Thomas eating disorder recovery coach at endED aim to use their lived experience to provide hope for others.

"I think when they hear our stories they go 'oh my goodness, these girls have done it and we can do it too,'" Genevieve told The Project on Friday.

Millie says there is a level of understanding that comes with recovery which a lot of people don't consider.

"I think there's a certain empathy you have when you've been through it - you understand it on a level most people can't," she said on Friday.

Millie works on Australia's Sunshine Coast as an eating disorder recovery coach, but she visits New Zealand every few months to meet with her Kiwi clients face to face.

"I could not understand why there are no support groups over here - you can go through the public or private sector but there's no lived experience lead support groups," she said.

Both women want to be the living proof that recovery is possible.

"Knowing someone who had been through and had come out the other side would have really helped me because I had given up hope," said Millie.

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