Kiwi beer legend Richard Emerson releases beer, biography celebrating success

A Kiwi brewing legend who overcame a disability to become one of the countries highest earning beer makers has a new biography and signature beer to his name. 

The Hopfather, is the story of Richard Emerson, who opened the doors to the new $25 million Dunedin brewery in 2016. 

Often lauded as the godfather of craft beer in New Zealand, Emerson was born deaf after his mother Ingrid contracted rubella during her pregnancy.  

With hearing aids and lip reading, Emerson learned to communicate.

This means he's New Zealand's - and maybe the world's - only deaf brewer. 

Kiwi beer legend Richard Emerson releases beer, biography celebrating success
Photo credit: Facebook/Emerson's Brewery.

Emerson is credited with helping build the modern beer scene in New Zealand by introducing English ales into the market, fueled by inspiration found in Edinburgh.

To celebrate the release of The Hopfather, Emerson’s Brewery is launching a limited edition special release East Coast IPA , Fall on Deaf Ears. 

According to the brewery,  "an East Coast IPA is the red-headed step child of a British IPA, and when you meet Richard, it makes sense that it’s one of his favourite styles".

Emerson's multi-million brewery in Dunedin.
Emerson's multi-million brewery in Dunedin. Photo credit: Supplied.

Emerson is now embarking on a book tour where Kiwis can grab a beer and a copy of the new book, and have it signed by the Kiwi beer baron himself.



The Chamberlain, 6:30pm, August 15



Casa Publica, 6:30pm, August 22




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