Outrage as bride's pregnant sister tries to hijack wedding venue, date

fighting brides
The two sisters are now fighting over the dream venue. Photo credit: Getty.

Planning a wedding can be stressful at the best of times - but when your family tries to sabotage your plans, it surely takes the (wedding) cake. 

A post on Reddit forum 'Am I the Asshole' has people enraged, racking up nearly 5000 comments from supporters. 

Bride-to-be and Reddit user 'Paperweightfairy' has pleaded for advice, claiming her pregnant sister tried to manipulate her into giving up her beloved wedding venue. 

She started off explaining that she and her fiance have been dating for eight years and engaged for three, while she worked on her PhD. 

The pair booked their "dream venue" three years in advance. 

"The only slot we got was September of this year," the bride wrote. "It is really a beautiful venue." 

As they planned their dream wedding, the bride says her sister also got engaged to her own fiance.

"They were planning on having a spring wedding next year. They had no venue lined up, but had a few vendors lined up as well as a set date," the bride said. 

"Yesterday our parents invited us and our [significant others] to a family barbeque, where my sister announced to our extended family, that she is expecting. Everyone was so happy for her and my [brother in law], who is a great guy."

But it was then things took a turn. After being asked if the wedding was still planned for next year, the bride's sister said they hoped to move it to September - the same month as the bride and her fiance. 

Alarm bells started ringing for the bride, before her sister turned to her and said she'd been "hoping to talk". 

"'I was really hoping we could kind of like take your venue? I really can't stress myself too much with planning a wedding while going to maternity classes. And I think it is so beautiful! It would really mean a lot to me," she says her sister said. 

The bride wrote that everyone went silent, and her future brother-in-law - to his credit - looked uncomfortable, telling his fiancee she shouldn't put her sister on the spot like that. 

When her sister argued surely the bride just "wants to do what's best for me, so it's no big deal", the bride says she calmly replied that she had her heart set on the venue.  

"Cue the crying. She stormed off," the bride wrote.  

Her grandmother then told her she was being "selfish", and her mother asked her if after waiting three years, "would it have killed you to wait a few more months?"

"I love my family and I am in the dark with what to do," the bride finished her post.

"My fiance is furious with my family and doesn't even want my sister to come. Now my family is threatening not to come because I am being selfish and my sister needs it more than me because having a baby is too stressful."

Unsurprisingly, the majority of commenters were on the bride's side and not that of her sister.

"You are getting married next month and your sister wants to hijack it. I cannot even believe your parents are supporting this selfish behaviour. Screw all of them. Keep your wedding as planned," wrote one commenter. 

"Poor planning on their part is not an emergency on your part," pointed out another. 

"KEEP THE VENUE! I know you’ve already decided to, but this has to be something you won’t budge on."





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