Paint colour inspiring latest fashion runway looks

  • 30/08/2019
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Annick Larkin Craft She Shed with Resene Half Villa White, Noir, Thunder Road, Jailbreak, Irresistible and Rose Gold. Photo by Melanie Jenkins. Photo credit: Resene

Opening the Resene Designer Runway shows at NZ Fashion Week are 17 colourful looks created by talented NZ FashionTech students.

"It’s a fantastic way to see the Resene colours come to life in fashion and a twist on the tradition where colours on the runway would trickle down into paint colour trends. Now it’s paint colour trends dictating the latest fashion on the runway," Resene’s Karen Warman says.

Newshub spoke to two Resene colour specialists Rebecca Long and Brooke Calvert about how the latest fashion colour trends can be reproduced inside your own home. 

Gem Adams orange dining area with Resene Twisted Sister. Photo by Wendy Fenwick. Photo credit: Resene

Closet to ColorShop

Rebecca says runways delight our eyes with beautiful colours, textures and patterns that inspire a new wave of interior fabrics, furnishings and décor.

"If you’re unsure where to start with a new colour scheme, have a quick look in your closet,” she says. “Chances are if you gravitate towards certain colours when you’re purchasing clothing, you’ll also gravitate towards them when decorating your home as well. Feeling inspired by a glitzy pair of shoes? Bring them into your local Resene ColorShop and we're happy to find a colour match for you. Grab a Resene testpot and work your magic - maybe it’s time to freshen up an old side table or paint up a work of art for the entrance?"

Dreamy Resene Whimsical is a stunning shade of lavendar. Photo credit: Resene

Brooke agrees fashion colour trends are forever influenced into our interiors. "From the catwalk to our closet we are inspired by beautiful colours that relate to us, and we often feel comfortable to use these within our interiors. Seasonal fashion trends are one of the most looked to for interior style influence."

So how do you bring fashion into your home?

Rebecca suggests upcycling old furniture is a great way to experiment with new fashion colours. "Experiment with a variety of paint effects such as the "dipped paint" effect, mask out your own custom geometric pattern or simply update old drawer handles with a pop of colour!"

Laura Lynn Johnston's pink home office with Resene Just Dance. Photo by Bryce Carleton. Photo credit: Resene

Brooke says your front door is a great opportunity to inject colour and personal style without too much commitment. "You may have an interesting wall or study nook screaming out for a pop of colour or an old piece of furniture needing some love - all great opportunities! For those feeling brave why not paint all four walls in a bedroom?"

Brooke’s top tips

  • Paint only a small area with the selected colour, try painting the inside of the door to your bedroom.
  • Change the colour of a photo frame or vase with a Resene testpot.
  • Upcycle a piece of furniture.
  • Introduce a cushion or throw.
Laura Lynn Johnston: 2019 Coloiur Trends Resene Ethereal + Soulful + Indian Ink + Peace. Photo by Bryce Carleton. Photo credit: Resene

Internet influence

Both experts think the internet and social media has had a major influence. "Now we have such an extensive outlook available on social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest it’s hard not to keep up-to-date on the latest fashion and homeware trends," Brooke says.

"Colour is an incredible tool that allows us to express ourselves," Rebecca says.

"Social media has allowed us all to experiment with editing tools and filters to push boundaries and create imagery that is truly unique. It’s inspiring and is encouraging us to experiment more with our own homes."

Vanessa Nouwen styled bedroom with Resene Peace. Photo Melanie Jenkins. Photo credit: Resene

Discover Resene’s most 'fashionable' colours for this summer

"Colours are becoming warmer and textures and sheens are being embraced. Colour is being used to enforce comfort as our lifestyles become busier. Greens such as Resene Peace add an element of comfort and will make any space a place to unwind," Rebecca says.

Brooke points out tonal colour schemes are becoming a popular choice allowing stronger colours to be off-set with a softer tone from the same family of colour. "You can create a much softer look with a mixture from pastels to vibrant colours, and earthy tones."

Rebecca’s best picks:

  • Resene Just Dance has been a popular choice this year and will continue through to summer. It’s gentle blend of mango and apricot pairs effortlessly with the warmer, sunkissed neutrals of the season.
  • Pair lavenders such as the dreamy Resene Whimsical and the delicate Resene Mozart with crisp, chilled whites for a sophisticated approach. 

Brooke’s colours to look out for:

Resene Waiouru, Resene Just Dance, Resene Despacito, Resene Tablelands, Resene Moccasin, Resene Shabby Chic, Resene Influential, Resene Twisted Sister, Resene Indian Ink, Resene Double Ash, Resene Eighth Stonewashed, Resene Mozart, Resene Roadster, Resene Smoulder, Resene Mystery, and Resene XOXO.

Fashion-forward students

Resene has been working with NZ FashionTech students creating fashion-forward looks, fit for the runway, using silks coloured to the latest Resene fashion colours. 

Students are each given a silk and a Resene testpot of their colour, and are tasked with sewing a colourful creation to capture the judges' attention. 

All garments are photographed as part of a professional shoot giving students colourful looks for their portfolio. 

Click here to be inspired by Resene’s amazing Colour of Fashion gallery showcasing the student’s Resene runway styles.

For colour style tips and tricks visit Resene

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