Peculiar looking avocado goes on viral on social media

The fruit has stunned some online.
The fruit has stunned some online. Photo credit: Miami Fruit / Facebook.

An image of an enormous avocado posted on Facebook by a south Florida fruit harvester has gone viral, stunning social media commenters with its peculiar shape.

Earlier this week, Miami Fruit, a "fruit hub" based in south Florida posted an image of an interesting looking avocado that has now caught the attention of thousands.

"The avocados are popping off right now! South Florida farmers grow dozens of unique varieties not common in any other part of the mainland USA."

The image of the fruit, of the Pura Vida avocado variety, has gone viral, harvesting thousands of likes, comments, and shares from social media users stunned by the odd shape.

While most comments on the original post noted users' favourite ways of eating avocado and questioned what variety the fruit was, the image was also shared on Australian Organic where it received some hilarious responses.

"That looks like a house deposit right there!" said one user, while another said: "Wow that is a long one, but it only has one nut."

"Not sure if avocado or avodildo!?" one person commented.

Australia Organic referred to the fruit as a "long neck avocado" and "100 percent organic and GMO free". Its post alone on the fruit has received more than 8000 comments and nearly 5000 shares.

"It’s not commonly found in grocery stores because this variety isn’t grown commercially. But imagine the avo on toast from this bad boy!"

According to food magazine Kitchn, Pura Vida average 18 inches in length, with some growing as long as three feet.


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