Raccoon discovered amongst snacks in US high-school vending machine

The raccoon is out of the machine.
The raccoon is out of the bag. Photo credit: Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

Living in a cosy space, surrounded by an endless supply of snacks - a Florida raccoon definitely had the right idea when students discovered the critter hiding inside a campus vending machine.

The fluffy culprit was caught red-handed trying to rob the machine at Pine Ridge High School on Wednesday (local time). 

"This gentleman was apprehended today while committing a burglary of a vending machine," Volusia County Sheriff's Office posted on their Facebook page.

The police station confirmed Deltona Animal Control was called in to help release the sneaky snack stealer back to where he belongs.

"They put this vending machine on a dolly and wheeled it out to an area where our friend could make his exit to freedom," the officers wrote.

"He did so with a little encouragement, and he's off to his next adventure."

"Can we take a moment to thank Deputy Danny Clifton and Animal Control? How often do we hear of a government agency being so compassionate to a raccoon?" one person commented on the post.

"So glad this little bandit didn't earn a day in court," wrote another.

"Man, he's dressed for the occasion too, mask and all," someone joked.

The only unanswered question is whether the officers took any of the snacks as evidence.