Shoppers ridicule ASOS for selling 'poo stain' clothing

Shoppers are aghast by fashion brand ASOS selling a top and bottom combo that make it look like you've pooed yourself.

The co-ordinating white set has been tie-dyed with a brown pattern, giving them large streaks with the unfortunate appearance of a toilet accident.

ASOS posted the clothes to its Facebook with the question "times you're most likely to wear this". It immediately received widespread mockery.

"After a night out when you thought a Vindaloo would be a great idea on the way home," one person commented.

"ASOS, forever and always making it difficult for the fashion industry to be taken seriously," another said.

A photo of the clothing was then shared to the ASOS Why? Facebook page with the caption: "We all have accidents, but worry not about them stains on your behind! These trousers are the perfect cover!"

Hashtags included #poopypants, #asoswhy, #asosfail, #asoswtf, #stains and #outfitoftheday.

The items are the creation of Manchester brand Public Desire, which says it "treads (stylishly) where others don't".

The bottoms cost NZ$51, and the top costs $33. According to, ASOS claims they're selling fast.