Teen's video of Lego build reveals reality of living with Tourette's

A Canterbury teen's video of her trying to build a Lego tower has exposed the reality of living with Tourette's syndrome.

Ryleigh Hawkins, 18, shot the video from her Pleasant Point home, showing herself trying to build a tower out of Lego as her tics get in the way of progress. She swears uncontrollably the whole time.

Hawkins told Caters working with items like Lego can be a challenge.

"Playing with Lego can be difficult if you are making fragile structures and when you smack Lego, it really hurts," she said.

"I got quite frustrated at times as I genuinely wanted to make the tower but I kept knocking it down."

Hawkins said she hopes people see the funny side of the video though, as she hopes to use comedy to spread the message of what living with Tourette's is like.

"I definitely have embarrassed myself with my Tourette's, but there is nothing I can do so I just get over it and carry on.

"When life throws you a curveball you can choose to let it consume you or take power back over your life and use it and turn it into something good."