University of Hawaii recreates perfume worn by Cleopatra

Queen Nefertiti - Stone boards souvenir from Egypt
Photo credit: Getty

The University of Hawaii has recreated Cleopatra's famous perfume after a decade-long project in ancient Egypt, professors say.

The perfume of Thmuis, named after the ancient Egyptian city it originated from, is being recreated based on formulas in ancient Greek texts.

Research has now come together in Washington DC, with the National Geographic Society opening a society that incorporates the study undertaken on the perfume, a statement from the University of Hawaii said.

"What a thrill it is to smell a perfume that no one has smelled for 2000 years and one which Cleopatra might have worn," said college of languages, linguistics and literature Professor Robert Littman.

The university says the city of Thmuis was home to some of the most famous perfumes of the era.