Wellington cafe owner's tearful explanation of why she posted video of abusive customer

The owner of a Wellington vegan cafe has explained why she posted a video of an angry woman berating her for having a vegan cafe.

Sweet Release owner Kristine Bartley posted the emotional explanation on Facebook on Friday. She says on the woman entered her shop on Thursday and just started "screaming."

"She came in and not even a hello, she just started screaming things at me and my team," she said.

Bartley says abuse like this is "nothing unusual" for a vegan eatery, but when the woman called her an "Asian f**kwit" she started to film.

"Growing up as an Asian in New Zealand that was really hard because there's so much casual racism that I deal with a lot," 

She said she also gets a lot of abuse for owning a vegan establishment. 

Bartley denies she faked the video as a publicity stunt and says she is aiming to trespass the woman from her business.

"Please be kind to one another," she wrote alongside the video. 

"Please consider some of the truth behind veganism or at least not abuse each other for your choices."



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