Woman plummets from balcony after attempting dangerous yoga pose

woman doing yoga on balcony
The chilling last photo of Alexa Terrazas before she fell. Photo credit: Local media.

A woman has survived a 25-metre fall from a balcony in Mexico after she slipped off while trying to perform a dangerous yoga pose. 

According to local newspaper El Imparcial, 23-year-old university student Alexa Terrazas was photographed by her friend posing on the railing of their San Pedro, Nuevo León apartment, before slipping and falling six floors. 

In the chilling photo, it appears the women put her entire body weight onto the rail of the balcony before flipping upsidedown. 

She reportedly broke 110 bones in the fall and had to spend 11 hours in reconstructive surgery on her knees on ankles. She also suffered critical injuries to her hips and head. 

Her injuries are so severe she may not be able to walk for three years.

Up to 100 blood donors reportedly signed up to help the Terrazas through the gruelling surgery.

Neighbours told local media they were used to seeing Terrazas perform the dangerous stunt from the edge of her balcony.

It's not the first time a person has been badly injured while attempting dangerous yoga. 

Earlier this year, a New York woman drowned during a stand-up paddleboard yoga class. 





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