Woman reveals secret behind living to 107 years old

A US woman has shared her secret to living longer - she says she did it by staying single.

She eats well and exercises when she can - but Signore credits her success to the fact she never got married.

Louise Signore celebrated her 107th birthday in the Bronx, New York on Wednesday. 

"I never got married. I think that's the secret. My sister says 'I wish I never got married,'" she told CNN.

She also says Italian food had a role to play in her long-life.

"Italian food is very good for you. I was brought up with very good food. No soda, no cake," she told CNN.

Despite her two secrets to living a long life, it's possible it just runs in the family, as Signore's sister is 102.

Being 107 doesn't come without challenges, however. Signore is legally blind, recently overcame pneumonia and when she was 103 she survived an assault and robbery at her apartment. But she's still going strong.

"I just take a high blood pressure pill and that's all!" she said.

Signore celebrated her birthday in style at the Bartow Community Centre in Coop City. More than 100 people attended the centenarian's party.