YouTube's Ingham family selling realistic doll version of their baby

A YouTube family is selling a realistic doll version of their baby, but not everyone is pleased.

The Ingham Family revealed a collaboration with Mary Shortle dolls on July 19, revealing fans can buy a doll of their four-month-old baby Jace for £279 (NZ$516).

It was announced on the family's YouTube channel with a vlog titled "WE HAVE A VERY SPECIAL SECRET TO TELL - HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!"

The doll is modelled on two-week-old baby Jace and does look almost indistinguishable, but not all Ingham family fans are lining up for their own one.

"Idk guys, what if a weirdo buys one? Cute to keep one for yourself to remember him at that age, but shouldn't be for other people," one person commented.

"I find this weird, why would you want other people having a doll of your baby? Might just be me," another person said.

Jace's father Chris Ingham, who runs the YouTube channel, said his daughters Isabelle, 13, Esmé, 9, and Isla, 7, are huge fans of the doll.

His wife Sarah Ingham appears to be a fan of the dolls too, she posted a picture of Jace to his own personal Instagram profile in April describing her love of dolls..

"My mummy @sarahinghamofficial loves playing games.  Spot the baby. he really is just like a little doll."

Three months later he really is a little doll.


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